This is the most up-to-date information on the three conference rooms available for booking: Rockwell Library/Reading Room (X001), Pearson 306 (small) and Pearson 304 (large). Additionally, Annex 006 is shown for convenience of TA Office Hours.

Please contact Debbie D'Andrea (, or Elizabeth Hammond ( to book a conference room.

Details about each room is below:

P-001X - 20 seats - Projector - Data only
P-006x - 20 seats - No projector or monitor - No data or phone
P-304 - 12 seats - Monitor - Data only
P-306 - 6 seats - Monitor - Data and phone

Please ask for P-006x as a last resort; it is generally meant to be used for TA office hours and grading.

By changing the view to "Week," you can easily see which rooms are available during your proposed time-slot. Use the drop-down menu below (to the right of the word "Agenda") to change which calendars are displayed below: